Meeting 01 avril 2017 HOME :

The meeting is based on the dispaching the news members to each department. Each department are developed their idea and vision for their new project.

001 002

Here are the program report for each department :

1 Environment

This deparment will begin with taking care of water, waste and make a reforest’s case and many recommandations.

Water management :

Water conservation, using MAKIPLAST

Accees to clean drinking water not far from the population.

Establishment of a dam for fueling agriculture(With agriculture department)

Filtering water (With health deparment)

Waste management :

Setting up a garbage can every 100m in each district

Training on waste recycling


3 Agriculture and farming

Training :

Traning and offer for the local population (seeds, Agicultural tools)

Exportation with STOI

Product transformation

Woman’s project :

Aloes and sisal’s plantation

Handicraft, Job creation and training

Other project :

Agricultures training


Improvement of rice production

4 Tourism and escape

Sustainable tourism

Exploiting culturals attractions and naturals of Malaimbandy in collaboration with the local population

Enhancement of culture

5 Education

Tutoring for the youth population :

Setting up a professional courses to the students likes Agricultures, language….

Provide training and learning to the housewife like handicraft, stitching…

Computer sciences

6 Social :

Training  about :

Communautary development

Personal development

Human right and children’s right

Changing behaviour and mentality

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