About Us

Historic of the association

We, young persons from different origin, discipline and culture were talking about how we think our country will become in a near and farther future; also, what can we do for protecting and developing it. The most important thing in which we were all agreed that day was if the CIVISM and GOD’s LOVE were relevant in malagasy’s comportment, we will be able to take care, protect, even to develop our country. Everyone’s advantages will be a priority for us. We thought that day we are not the only malagasy person thinking like that; but how can we assemble and motivate all active person for such ideology?

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            We second talked about this subject when we were doing picking up activities in the western region; watching the show of forest destroying and burning without any plan to plant back again, hearing many case of social insecurity because of the dahalo (bandits), observing the low level of education and agricultural methods which are breaks in the development step of this region. We were shocked and wanted to act.

            In august 09/2016, the 06 firsts founder members of the association were gathering in a general assembly at Mahabo, one of the Menabe region district to establish the first formality step of association creation which is the “Constitutive General Assembly”. It was decided there to create a non-lucrative association named MEHO “Malagasy Environmental Hope Operations”. We also established there the status of the association. MEHO has been arranged and became HOME Hope Operations for Madagascar’s Environment” to show that it is our concern, all malagasy’s concern.


             The HOME-association  Madagascar is then created. The head quarter is actually based in Antsirabe by the cooperation with “4C Lovasoa”, an NMS gift for the Lutheran institution there. We are an assembly of young persons who are interested in environment, community development, open way evangelism, agriculture and breeding activities, cultural sharing and education promoting. We wish to give hands to our neighbors for bringing a new way of living in our country.

The President founder:



“Nothing is hard if you go by your heart, your will, your nature and with God’s love. Follow your instinct and never change your mind to badness. Many persons will think you are weak, stupid even to exploit you for their own because of your kindness but never change to bad. Giving hand, helping each other and working together is the best way to save our future”.

Our Goals

Evangelism & Education:

Sensitize people about civism and God’s instruction following.


Taking care, protecting and developing our natural living.

Social & development:

Motivating people to have in mind that development came from themselves first.

  • environment protection and a social development

  • Reforesting

  • Farm and pisciculture

  • New way of evangelism

  • Promoting job creation

  • Supporting ecolodge

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